Saturday, May 16, 2015

Brengun 1:72 Messerspit

This was a cool surprise from a fellow Youtube Modeller: Rob@basicmodelling. He showed off the finished pictures of the kit and I went crazy. Mainly because I collect 1:72nd Spitfires, and this was an oddball worth having, I began to search the internet and found a few good deals when Rob messaged me and asked me if I wanted one as well. Well thanks to Robs generosity I got one (thanks again)

A few things kept me from building this kit. 1. I was in the process of looking for Airfix's 1:72 Spitfire Mk IXc, to turn it into a twin seater trainer. And at the time I was really into figuring out proper RLM colors. I decided that I wanted an exact RLM 04 Yellow and desperately wanted to use Model Master Enamel RLM 04. The only problem it wasn't in stock.... for a few months...Well to my delight I finally got it, and some desperately needed Tamiya tape. And I decided to make a video, and build this kit.

I explain most of my problems with the kit in my build video series. I also went against my rule of Never watching a video on the same model kit I'm currently building!  To see if Rob's build could lend me a hand in any snags I might encounter. His videos are as always really great, but I think the problems I encountered cannot be the same for every one else, that also being said I think I'd run into different problems every time I would build this kit. It's a bit fussy in some area's but not bad or unmanageable, If you are an inexperienced modeller I'd stay away form this kit until you get a bit more experience. It looks like it's going to fit properly but then something goes wrong, all the fixes were/are simple but could frustrate some modellers.

I also ran into a weird problem, Brengun gives you a new fuselage for the Messerspit, but the kit I got had no panel lines beyond the cowl. A bit of plastic surgery and I swapped the Me 110 Cowl, to the clean Spitfire fuselage, enabling me to keep my panel lines. Enough of me, this is a really great kit i had a lot of fun building, and I'm thrilled to have it in my Spitfire Collection, and thanks again Rob.

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